Innerwill: Print

Design of print materials

With InnerWill, the non-profit branch of Luck Companies, a construction aggregate organization, Karli co-lead much of the initial brand implementation - a brand designed by Johnson Banks design, a UK based design firm. Below is an example of some of the printed collateral used by the Business Development team.  While acting as lead designer (layout, design, image selection) for this brochure, Karli also managed the output and production from all contributors (stakeholders, content providers, vendors, etc.), while adhering to the brand standards established by Johnson Banks. 

Capitalism 2.0: Print

ideation, development, and Design of print materials

Working as an Operations and Brand Contractor for the duration of a year, Karli developed the look, voice, and feel; established the style guide (imagery, colors, design, font, etc.), designed all supporting materials (digital and print), and implemented the for-profit organization's outlined marketing strategy.  

Below are examples of some printed materials created by Karli, who partnered with printing vendors and thought leaders to produce. 

Example of presentations (digital & printed)

Example of Training Workbooks (digital & printed)

Business Cards

Luck companies: Print

Design of print materials

In addition to educational products and marketing materials (example seen below), Karli partnered with key stakeholders and PR organizations, acting as media relations and often executive editor in several printed and digital publications.  Here are a few highlighted:



As a temporary freelancer for this nonprofit organization, Karli partnered with key stakeholders and CLP's PR representative to create infographics, informational documents, and banners for their website and marketing campaign, as well as the creation of share-graphics for CLP's social media pages.  

Example of Logos, INfographicS, & Share-graphics